Granny Squares

For 2013, I have planned to make two blankets as gifts. One is in hues of purple, the other one is grey, white and purple. For the purple one I am  following the blocks from Spin Cushions. She is now on week 8, which means I have some catching up to do. I love the squares from this blog, because she has all the patterns right there. I do not have to go and purchase books to follow.  Love it when it is free!

So far I have these blocks done:

Week 1 block 1 and 2


Week 2 Block 3


Week 3 Block 4


Week 4 : Block 2 and 6



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in stitches knitting club

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Joining Yarns

Joining yarns properly is one of the many challenges for me, found this on Lion Brand’s and it seems easy enough.

Hate weaving in ends? The Russian join is an excellent technique for attaching a new skein of yarn or for changing colors. Best of all, it creates a secure join, so you can keep crocheting or knitting without worrying about yarn ends! Here are instructions on how to complete the Russian join in 7 easy steps. I’ve used 2 different colors of yarn, but this is a great technique for attaching a new skein of the same color yarn, too!
How to Russian Join Yarn Ends in 7 Easy Steps
1. Thread a blunt needle with one end of yarn.
2. Work the needle through the plies of your yarn for a few inches. Don’t worry if this looks bunched up now.
3. Pull your working yarn through, leaving a small loop at the end. This is where the second piece of yarn will be attached.
4. Thread your needle with the second piece of yarn, then insert the needle into the small loop you created before.
5. Pull a few inches of yarn through the small loop.
6. Like you did before, work the needle through the plies of your second piece of yarn.
7. Give each strand a little tug to smooth out the bunching. You now have a secure join! Trim off any excess ends.

That’s all there is to it! Depending on your yarn, you may notice that this joined area is slightly thicker than the rest of your yarn. I find this isn’t very noticeable when I’ve worked my projects, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

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Doris’ Hat

Doris had asked me to make her a hat back in spring, we have talked about it off and on until a couple of weeks ago she finally gave me the patterns she printed out from Ravelry.  I settled on this cable slouch hat and this did not take long at all to make.  It only took me an evening or so and I love the feel of the finished product.  

I bought some cascade yarn from the shop, but then the more I looked at it the more I was not happy with my color choice.  I love the light gray, but since she had requested something in darker color I knew it was not the right choice.   Good thing I found the exact shade she wanted in Bernat Satin.  I had used this yarn before for making toys and blankets but never as an accessory, I hope this yarn holds up well has a hat.

She was very excited when I sent her the picture of the finished hat.  Doris just lost her beloved mom about a month ago, and I hope that this gesture might some how warm her heart a little.  It is such a tough time for her, especially Christmas is coming right around the corner.

I know what it means when someone stop long enough to show care.  That is the least I can do for her.

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Ruffle Bags

When I saw the bag at Black Sheep’s I cannot resist buying the yarn to make one.  I had used the similar yarn to make a ruffle scarf, and I was quite impressed by the creativity of Cat Wong, who had designed this bag.

The project is a real quick on, I made not only one but two.  The other day I went back and guess what? I picked up two more balls of Estelle’s Frill Seeker to make two more to give away.

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Anita’s Treasure

As I was saying in my last blog that Anita never wanted to use the blanket I made her.  It has been sitting in her closet for over ten years which she will only take out once in while.

She sent me the picture of the blanket on her new sofas.  It really warmed my heart to see how she treasured my gifts, and I hope she uses them.  Eventually.

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Christmas already

Christmas is arriving earlier each year, and I noticed that some stores already got their Christmas ornaments and trees up in early September.  I love this season, but when it really bothers me when it is so commercialized. Yesterday my friend told me she got her Christmas shopping all done. ( Including my gift!)

I seldom made Christmas themed gifts for people, just because they don’t get to use it all year round except maybe for a couple of weeks in a year.  But I did make the exception this year when I came across this yarn at the craft store.  It is the Christmas colored puffy balls by Bernat.  I love the feel of it, and bought one red and white one.

I finally settled on knitting a tea cozy for Anita.  I probably only see her twice a year, and I usually give her a gift for all seasons, a combination of Christmas and birthday gifts.  We had our own private joke which started a few years ago which we passed this ” angel” gift bag from one person to another over the years.  I cannot remember who should have it now, but after I moved this bag sort of disappear.    Even though we don’t see each other often, but we are always there for each other whenever there is a need.  That is the kind of friendship we have and it is so precious.

One thing about my dear friend is that she never wanted to use the gifts I made her because she is afraid to ruin it.  When she turned 40 I had made her this blanket which has been carefully packed away. It just sat there all these years until recently she pulled it out to use once and then it went right back to her closet.  I told her when I gave her this cozy that she is to use it to entertain.  And I hope she will.

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Pooh and friend

I have known Nessa   ever since she was in early elementary school. She has always been one of those people who makes the room a little brighter when she walks in.  When she was in Grade 12 she came and asked me to be her mentor.  I had no idea what a mentor is supposed to do, and even at this date still don’t.  But we have become close friends even though I am a lot older.

I cannot believe that this little girl is a young woman now and  a newly minted graduate waiting and ready to develop her career and make a mark in the world.   I meant to give her something for her convocation in spring but never got around to it until now.   I cannot think of any thing else more fitting  but Pooh her friend since her childhood.

The other day I dropped by her house with a hot steamy cup of latte and Pooh to surprise her.  You should see her face.  It gave me such joy to see that wonderful smile on her face.  It reminds me the way she was when she was that little girl.

Good luck Nessa, and God bless.

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Tea Leaves Cardigan


I was inspired by Helen from Black Sheep Yarns to make this cardigan.   I had not made any sweaters for a long time as my biggest beef is that  I am never too satisfied with the finished product.  I have decided long time ago that it is easier to pay for a sweater which I can try on to my satisfaction.  That is something you cannot do with a handmade one. 

This sweater took me too long to finish.  I found it hard to finish one project at a time, plus my attention is just too short.  After making the yoke I was not challenged to continue on with just stockinette stitch.   Sometimes I just need to give myself a swift kick,finally  I had to restrict myself from the luxury of making something else until I finished with this one. 

I am so glad that I did not give up, I love the finish product, it is going to be my all time favorite.  The only challenge left was finding the buttons, it took me a while and I am still not that satisfied,  I was hoping to find ones with the leaves motif, maybe one of these days while I am not looking…..

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Purple Hats 2011

It is that time of the year again for the purple hats project!  Our knitting club has moved from Libby’s Cafe to Pam’s common room in her apartment building.   The ladies have been busy making the hats since spring and we have made quite a few.

I have not been so diligent and only started my purple hats blitz a week ago.  I have learned from  last year’s experience not to get too carry away with costly yarn and complicated pattern.

I made a few easy hats and  only used two 50 gram balls of Red Heart, which was on sale last week.  I have many TV shows to catch up, and last week was an awesome week to catch up with my taped shows and my purple hats as well.

I got seven made.  Pretty awesome for a few hours of work.

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